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What in the world is a Trunk Show Host?

What if you could browse through this site, and - at no cost - exclusively reserve items for you and your friends. It is like having your own curated IOU collection. Share the items with friends and strangers using facebook, twitter and other social networks. Once you reserve anitem, only you can sell it!  You earn a commission starting at 20%  As a Trunk Show Host you help spread the word about our clothes and become part of the IOU story.

Why become a Trunk Show Host?

3 reasons: Fun, Profit and Good Citizenship! Curate your own collection, express your taste in fashion, have your own online fashion business - right alongside us. Engage in social e-commerce with your online friends, discuss issues concerning the sustainability of fashion and help pioneer new models of business. Need we say more?

How do I get started?

Read the FAQ´s and then just click to apply. If you love fashion, spend time online, appreciate uniqueness and artisanship and want to try new things, this is for you!