Jessica is an IOU Trunk Show Host!


Which of the 5 senses could you not live without? Ahh, I couldnt live without two, speech and sight. Is that allowed?

What historical or literary figure do you most identify with? Audery Hepburn, she is just a m a z i n g !

What word do you feel more identified with? Bubbly

What word do you dislike? Errm, sidewalk.

What are you afraid of? Heights :s

What do you fear most? Heights, they really scare me!

How would you define life? It is what you make it.

How would you define work? Like Marmite - 'You love it or hate it' except that's not true. I can eat it every now and then just not allot :)

What thing or object in your house best describes you? My dog, she is small happy and blonde like me :)

What would you never leave behind? My family

You can only have three things on a deserted island. What are they? My family, a years supply of chips and my dog!

What is your greatest achievement? My greatest achievement? That would have to be my blog!

What do you consider happiness to be? Smiles, smiles and more smiles :) :) :)

Describe paradise Sun, sea, sand, a book, vogue and a pen.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? The greediness and stubbornness of people, but hey no one is perfect.

What is your motto? You only live once, make the most of it.

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