Chanelle is an IOU Trunk Show Host!


What is your present state of mind? Everything happens for a reason/go with the flow

Describe paradise family, sun, food, laughter

What word do you feel more identified with? free-spirited

How would you define work? if you hate it: miserable, if you love it: a career

5 things you want to do before you die? learn Greek, become a successful clothing designer/blogger, travel the world

What do you consider happiness to be? Love

What would you never leave behind? my boyfriend + dogs :)

You can only have three things on a deserted island. What are they? my boyfriend, dogs, and my computer hah!

What thing or object in your house best describes you? my closet

What word do you dislike? no

How would you define life? one big adventure

What do you fear most? Plane crash!

What is your greatest achievement? Probably, touring around Asian as a back up dancer for Lee Hom Wang, a Taiwanese Pop star

Which of the 5 senses could you not live without? sight

What is your motto? Theres a solution to every problem

What is your pet peeve? way too many to list :)

They have bought IOU through Chanelle