Follow the Trunk Show Host Path! Stop along the way, and check out our FAQ´s, and Tutorial to find out if this is really something you'd like to do. Still not sure? You can always email us at: Enjoy!


Trunk Show FAQ's

¿Trunk Show? What’s that?

Back in the day, when a fashion designer wanted to showcase a collection, he or she would take to the road with a heavy suitcase or trunk stuffed with goods and show off them off to friends. We let you do the same - but on the web. No heavy lifting required.

Why did you guys come up with this?

Fun, Profit and Social Good. Not necessarily in that order. Also our goods won´t be in stores, so we needed a cool way to get people to see our clothes and hear our message.

So, how does it work?

You apply here, you get approved and then just as you would browse any site for items to buy, you look through the store selecting items to put in your trunk show (you pay nothing, and there’s no physical movement of goods).

You then start sharing items with friends using social networks (we have some cool tools to help). You can reserve up to 20 items at a time.

Your commission on each item starts at 20%, then drops to 15% on week 2 and to 12.5% the third week. After week 3, your unsold items disappear. You can restock as often as you like.

When you reach EUR 1,000 (US$ 1,400), you automatically become a PRO Trunk Show Host. As a Pro you can select up to 40 items, your commission stays at 20% and items don´t expire.

Is this some sort of weird, shady pyramid scheme?

No! Absolutely not! If someone buys an item from your trunk show, you - and only you - earn a cut. There’s no way to make any money from sales made by others.

Can other Trunk Show Hosts select the same item I chose?

No. Your items are reserved by you - exclusively. And remember, because IOU items are each unique, no two Trunk Shows are alike.

Do I have to pay anything to participate?

Not a penny, Nada. Zilch. Zero.

How do I "share" items in my Trunk Show with Friends and contacts?

Sharing on social networks is a breeze, and we help you out in several ways. We built a Facebook App that allows you to open up your Trunk Show in a Tab right in your Facebook page. You can share items via email and to other social networks.

Can my Trunk Show be seen by people who aren’t my friends or who I didn’t contact?

You bet. You can sell to anyone; your friends - the cool fashion-obsessed types, or the ones who’ll appreciate IOU’s environmentally-friendly ways, or the ones who’ll admire IOU’s commerce done right - and you're likely to sell to strangers too. Anyone browsing the IOU site can come across your reserved items and buy them.

What if my friends aren’t signed up to Facebook?

No problem. Trunk Show Hosts are the only ones required to have a Facebook account.

Can I sell all over the world?


How is my Trunk Show Host Commission calculated exactly?

There are several variables to keep in mind when calculating your share. The first is the sliding commission scale, and that´s based on the amount of time you've had each item in your trunk show. It starts off at 20% during the first 7 week, 15% the second week and 12.5% the third week.

The second variable is whether there is sales tax to be applied. The IOU Project applies an 18% sales tax to any item sold within the European Union. That 18% is already included in the price seen by customers, but if you´re a trunk show host, and your item sells in the EU, we first deduct 18%, and then calculate your share. Sales to all other countries are tax free.

The third variable is the location and the currency of your buyer. We offer our products in $US Dollars to customers  in North America, South America, Central America & Caribbean. Customers in all other countries are offered our products in Euros. Prices will vary from country to country, and from time to time.

The fourth and last variable is your own location as  a Trunk Show Host. If you are in North America, South America, Central America or the Caribbean, we will pay your commissions in $US dollars. All other commissions are paid in Euros.

Your Trunk Show Host dashboard indicates approximately how much you will make on the sale of each item, but you have to remember that this amount will vary based on these variables.

Can I share my commission with friends?

Yes. If times are tough, or you need to save up, you can choose to keep the entire commission. If you're feeling generous you can chose to share, say a tenth, a quarter, or half of your commission with any Facebook friends that might buy from you. You could even decide that your friends deserve the whole 20% commission!

Can I share my commission with the weaver that made an item I reserved?

Yes! You can share it with the weaver who made the fabric. We at IOU double the pay received by a weaver for each item they make. Unfortunately even then, our weavers could use more help. Every USD $1 which you share with them, is equivalent to about a day’s wage, so even a small amount makes a big difference.

If you do chose to share your commission, we guarantee we will get the money (all of it) to his or her hands. To find out more about why and how we can guarantee this, please visit this link.

How do I know when someone buys an item from my Trunk Show?

We notify you. And you can access tons of great sales statistics. See a screen garb of our Trunk Show Host Control Panel here

Do I need to do anything once I sell something?

Nothing. Nada. Zip. We handle the collections, shipping, and the payment to you.

What if someone buys something from my Trunk Show and then returns it?

No problem. Buying clothes on the web, especially from a new brand can be scary. Will it fit? Will it look right? Will it feel good? We know. So first of all, we’ve designed our clothes to have a bit of leeway when it comes to sizes. Still items can be returned – no questions asked. If they´re in certain countries, we pay for the return shipment

When do I get paid my commission?

We issue your payment (via Pay Pal) 16 days after the sale (buyers have a legal right to return goods within 15 days of purchase.) If the item is not returned within 15 days, the sale is final, and we pay your share. If the item is returned, we’re both out of luck.

What do you expect from me as a Trunk Show Host?

Trunk Show Hosts are our online ambassadors. The IOU Project is more than a clothing brand. Of course, first and foremost we make and sell beautiful, unique clothing, and we want people to absolutely love the way our clothes make them look and feel. But we know that fashion has always been a purveyor of change (think about Bikinis and Miniskirts when they first came out.) We want people to start a dialogue about responsible consumption.

What are the Requirements to be a Trunk Show Host?

A computer, ipad, iphone, smart phone or any other web-enabled device
A Facebook account
A PayPal account

Not Necessary but Nice To Have:

A lot of friends... ...who listen to your fashion advice
Blogs you follow: fashion, design, environment, culture, social causes
A desire to join a community that can effect change
An understanding that this is not just about fashion.

How Do I apply to become a Trunk Show Host?

Go here.